Stained and Scored Concrete

Imagine transforming your ordinary concrete slab into a luxurious floor resembling marble or glazed stone. Scored and stained concrete flooring provide you with that exquisite look, and only for a fraction of the price. Stained concrete is a beautiful flooring option and we proudly serve the Greater Baton Rouge area with our stained concrete flooring.

No matter the style of your home, stained concrete adapts to enhance any setting. Its multi-hued color variations create a stunning surface that looks perfectly aged. No other flooring surpasses stained concrete in terms of permanence and durability. It will not chip, fade, or peel, and will last a lifetime. Contact Nu-Crete Designs for your Baton Rouge Stained Concrete needs.

Acid Stain. Color Maylay Tan with Green & Blue Highlights 3 Foot Diamond Scoring Pool Deck Concrete Stain Maylay Tan Acid Stain with Circle Scoring The Cottages Baton Rouge, Pool Deck Circle Scoring Gray and White Stained Floor LSU Football Facility Harlows Casino Harlows LSU Baseball Office Scored Wood Pattern Cola Acid Stain with 3 foot diamond scoring pattern Blue acid stain with interlocking circle pattern Colored Paste Wax Concrete Blue, Maylay Tan and Cola acid stain Maylay Tan Acid Stain with Gray Highlights. Staggered Block Scoring Light Black Acid Stain Stained Concrete with Wood Plank Scoring Pattern

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